Our top 10 wedding photo backdrops

Whether handmade or not, there is nothing we love more than a wedding photo backdrop to help your photos POP. 1. Geometric & dreamy Love, love, LOVE these two geometric gems. Imagine looking back at your wedding day photo’s with a … Continue reading

Modern day floral design: influences and trends

In part 2 of the floral design themed pieces, we’ve spoken to the lovely Sophie Mowat of The Settled Petal, an event florist based in London. Sophie has identified key trends for wedding floristry in 2015 and here they are; … Continue reading

Floral design inspiration: part 1

Throughout the years, we see many trends come and go in fashion, interior design and even hairstyling. Every trend starts somewhere, and as the years pass they come back around, whether still at their original style or with a twist. … Continue reading

Say it With Stationary

For many buzzing brides, your wedding isn’t just a day it’s a journey. This journey starts from the day you’re proposed too, all the way through from planning the date, the music, the theme, the dress and all and everything … Continue reading

Colour Inspiration: Metallic pastels

If there is one thing all bride to be’s have pretty much got figured before they’re even engaged it’s the colour scheme, or at least an idea of it. Colour in wedding design & styling can be used to set … Continue reading

An Autumn Wedding: Is October the forgotten month?

According to the last statistical year, there were 234,464 marriages in England. That sounds like a lot, but how does it compare to previous years? Well, according to the statistics provided by The Wedding Secret, marriages have increased by +6.6% … Continue reading

Wild Wedding: ‘Scenting’ the scene

There are, to this day, some lovely customs and traditions linked to wedding flowers all over the world. For example, In Thailand, the mothers of the bride and groom walk to the altar to drape puang malai, flower garlands around the … Continue reading

Storyboard Inspiration; My art deco champagne wedding

Coming up with a concept for your big day is either something you’ve had planned for years or something you need to find inspiration for through those numerous nights of flipping through magazines, looking at blogs and scrolling through Pinterest. … Continue reading